The Hathaway Hill Equestrian Center

Fall Take One Horse Show

November 7 & 8, 2020

Hathaway Hill Equestrian Center

1834 Oregonia Road

Lebanon, OH 45036


Hathaway Hill Equestrian Center Fall Take One Horse Show
November 7-8, 2020

Hathaway Hill Equestrian Center
1834 Oregonia Rd.
Lebanon, OH 45036
Classes: $20 each
Horse Stalls: $75
Tack Stalls: $100
Shavings: $8
Office / EMT: $50
Limited Stalls, must prepay for stalls. Will be charged in full if canceled after October 24.

Three wash stalls inside the barn and three wash stalls outside.
Three limestone sand lunging arenas
Weather permitting the competition ring will be outside in our gorgeous 125’x215’ arena equipped with Premier Equestrian Fibertec Footing. The warm up ring will be inside in our 85’x175’ arena, also equipped with Fibertec Footing. If it looks to be a bad weather weekend competition will move inside with schooling
breaks in between divisions.

Concessions will be available during competition upstairs in our climate controlled riders lounge.  Clean mens and womens restroom inside our climate controlled tack room.
Weekend trailer parking available. We will have a parking attendant assisting with trailer parking.  The Hathaway Hill Equestrian Center Fall Take One Horse Show is operated in accordance with the current rules of the Ohio Hunter/Jumper Association.
To be eligible for Annual High Score Awards, the exhibitor and the owner must be members, and the horse or pony must be registered with the Association. Applications may be obtained from the Show Secretary.

EMT: Turtlecreek Fire and EMT or April Travis
Course Design: Maureen Fagan
Ingate: Liz Radenbough
Announcer: Sophie B.
Concessions: Grace F.
Parking Attendant: Ben W.
Water/Drag and Jump Crew: RJ, Bob and Oscar
Judge: TBD
Show Office/Secretary: Tina V.
Warm up ring steward: Abby L.
Vet on call: EquiVet, Dr. Derek McFadden DVM
Farrier on call: Scott Bahr, Bahr Farrier Services
Covid Waiver,. Ohio, USEF and CDC guidelines are required and will be enforced.

Saturday 8:30 a.m.


  1. Walk Trot Eq. Poles

  2. Walk Trot Eq. Poles

  3. Walk Trot Eq. Poles

  4. Walk Trot Eq. Poles Flat

  5. X-Rails Eq. Flat

  6. X-Rails Eq.

  7. X-Rails Eq.

  8. X-Rails Eq. 

  9. Future Hunter O/F 18”

  10. Future Hunter O/F 18”

  11. Future Hunter O/F 18”

  12. Future Hunter U/S

  13. Very Low Hunter U/S

  14. 11 & Under Eq. Flat

  15. Very Low Hunter O/F 2’

  16. Very Low Hunter O/F 2’

  17. Very Low Hunter O/F 2’

  18. 11 & Under Eq. O/F

  19. 11 & Under Eq. O/F

  20. Short Stirrup Eq. O/F

  21. Short Stirrup Eq. O/F

  22. Limit Rider Eq. O/F

  23. Limit Rider Eq. O/F

  24. Short Stirrup Eq. Flat

  25. Limit Rider Eq. Flat

  26. Special Hunter O/F 2’6”

  27. Baby Green O/F 2’6

  28. Baby Green O/F 2’6”

  29. Baby Green O/F 2’6”

  30. Baby Green U/S

  31. Int. Ch./Adult Eq. Flat

  32. Ch. Pony Hunter Flat

  33. Int. Ch./Adult Eq. O/F 2’6”

  34. Int. Ch./Adult Eq. O/F 2’6”

  35. Ch. Pony Hunter O/F 2’6”

  36. Ch. Pony Hunter O/F 2’6”

  37. Ch. Pony Hunter O/F 2’6”

  38. OH/JA 2’6” and 3’ Medal

  39. Green Hunter O/F 3’

  40. Green Hunter O/F 3’

  41. Ch./Adult Eq. O/F 3’

  42. Ch./Adult Eq. O/F 3’

  43. Ch./Adult Eq. Flat

Sunday 8:00 a.m.


  1. Beginner Jumper 2’

  2. Beginner Jumper 2’

  3. Beginner Jumper 2’

  4. Int. Ch./Adult Jumper 2’6”

  5. Int. Ch./Adult Jumper 2’6”

  6. Int. Ch./Adult Jumper 2’6”

  7. Novice Ch./Adult Jumper 3’

  8. Novice Ch./Adult Jumper 3’

  9. Novice Ch./Adult Jumper 3’

  10. Ch./Adult Jumper 3’3”

  11. Ch./Adult Jumper 3’3”

  12. Ch./Adult Jumper 3’3”

  13. Schooling/Training Jumper 3’6”

  14. Schooling/Training Jumper 3’6”

  15. Schooling/Training Jumper 3’6”

  16. Low Hunter U/S

  17. Ch./Adult Hunter U/S

  18. Green Hunter U/S

  19. Low Hunter O/F 3’

  20. Low Hunter O/F 3’

  21. Ch.Adult Hunter O/F 3’

  22. Ch.Adult Hunter O/F 3’

  23. Green Hunter O/F 3’

  24. Green Hunter O/F 3’

  25. Special Hunter U/S

  26. Int. Adult Hunter U/S

  27. Int. Child Hunter U/S

  28. Special Hunter O/F 2’6”

  29. Special Hunter O/F 2’6”

  30. Int. Adult Hunter O/F 2’6”

  31. Int. Adult Hunter O/F 2’6”

  32. Int. Ch. Hunter O/F 2’6”

  33. Int. Ch. Hunter O/F 2’6”

  34. OH/JA 2’ Medal

  35. Short Stirrup Hunter U/S

  36. Limit Rider Hunter U/S

  37. Short Stirrup Hunter O/F

  38. Short Stirrup Hunter O/F

  39. Limit Rider Hunter O/F

  40. Limit Rider Hunter O/F

  41. Walk/Trot Poles U/S

  42. Walk Trot Hunter Poles

  43. Walk Trot Hunter Poles

  44. X-Rails U/S

  45. X-Rails Hunter O/F

  46. X-Rails Hunter O/F

Hathaway Hill Covid Protocols

The Basics

Wear a mask at all times!  Please practice social distancing and stay 6 feet apart.  Wash your hands often with soap and water for 20 seconds and use 70% alcohol hand sanitizer often!


Horse Show Office

-There will be a designated entrance and exit for the show office.

-The office will be staffed and a plexiglass barrier will allow for in person communication without personal contact.

-Scratch/Ads may be done with the ingate master

-All ribbons and trophies (including u/s) may be picked up in the office.  2 person limit please!

-Masks are required to enter the building.

-There will be a hand sanitizing station located at the door.


Entry Process

-Please enter prior to the show. All entry forms can be completed on  Releases, and class schedules are available at

-Back numbers will be delivered to your stalls.

-An open check is required upon arrival. Please have a representative from your group bring ALL checks to the office.

-We strongly recommend that you enter ALL classes you plan to show in for all days. You may do Add/Scratches with respective ingate master

-Your accuracy on entries is critical to our horse show operations process and will allow us to give you more precise information on the show flow


Schooling & Show Arenas

-There will be a sign-up genius email sent to each trainer to schedule your schooling time on Friday.

-During schooling, no more than 6 horses and 10 people will be permitted in a ring or schooling area at one time.

-All people must practice social distancing.

-Disposable gloves are recommended for those handling the jumps & cups.

-Please wipe jump cups down w/ provided sanitizing items (spray bottles, wipes) after handling the jumps.

-Additional hand sanitizer stations will be placed around in-gates.

-No more than 2 ppl may accompany a horse/rider at the ingate. (ie trainer & groom)



-Stall reservations should be made with Tina by calling or texting 513.623.2289

-Stabling areas will be strictly limited to essential personnel during limited operations. Social distancing will be enforced in the stabling area

-It’s recommended that all horses are groomed and tacked up in their stalls. Bring your own brushes vs using community brushes

-Please bring your own sanitizer for any surfaces in stabling area you want wiped or sprayed regularly (buckets, door latches)



-If you are not feeling well or have any symptoms of illness, please stay home!

-Please self-monitor!! If your temperature is 99.5 or higher, STAY HOME!

-Daily temperature monitoring of each individual, ensures protection for your teams and those around you.


Personal Protective Equipment

- All employees, competitors, and visitors on property will be required to wear a mask at all times upon arrival with the exception of when actively riding. In accordance with CDC recommendations, it is strongly recommended that a cloth mask be worn anytime a person is outside their home.

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