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Hathaway Hill is excited to welcome and host IEA Hunt Seat Zone 5 -Region 3 & 8 Finals this weekend (2/10-2/11/24)!!


A few quick tips for those who have not been to Hathaway Hill before.

Our address is 1834 Oregonia Road - if you enter 1731 Oregonia Road in to your GPS it will take you to our new gravel driveway which takes you directly to our barn. Look for the big white Hathaway Hill sign!!


We have limited parking in the front and back of the barn in the gravel parking lot. Once this fills, you can park along the driveway in the grass.


Our weather is supposed to be in the mid fifties this weekend so there should be no need to turn on the heat in the barn!


Our seating is limited.... In our riders lounge/cafe we have seating for about 50 people and the wall is a big window that overlooks the arena. (this is up the steps, above the tack room)


There is a couple benches in the tack room and that wall is also a big window overlooking the arena.

Inside the arena, we have a very small area (bleacher style) that will seat maybe 15 people or 10 people comfortably. It also has a heater in the ceiling.


We have a full menu for concessions located upstairs in our riders lounge (above the tack room) which is also where you will be able to pick up your ribbons! Come see us for pizza, walking tacos, hot dogs, Toni's famous potato soup, and taco salads. For breakfast, we will have Burger King breakfast croissanwich's and biscuits as well as donuts and bagels.


Feel free to reach out to us with any questions at all!! Cell phone: 513-623-2289 (Tina)

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